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How to Exit Safe Mode: 10 Ways to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android?

In numerous cases, it becomes necessary to enter a safe mode to remove a problematic program. You can use this mode in almost all smart devices. Sometimes, a safe mode of android can become massive trouble for you. It may leave you stuck, and you can’t go anywhere. There are numerous methods to turn off a safe mode on your android device. See these instructions. 1. Restart Restart is a secure method to solve different phone issues. If a phone lags, you [...]

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7 Reasons Why Your iPhone Has Slow Internet!

Today we are going to talk about the different reasons that make you feel that your phone’s internet speed is low! After reading the different reasons, you can also simply try and fix these reasons simply at your home! Reasons for slow speed internet! The first reason that can make you feel that your internet speed of the phone is low is the bad or poor router position. This is one of the biggest reasons that your phone does not perform [...]

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How to Unblock a Phone Number on Android?

Modern smartphones and tablets allow you to block an annoying person. This feature is even available in some old phones. You can also search a folder for blocked or spammed numbers. Sometimes, you may block the number of your friend out of fear or your doubts. In this situation, you must not worry because you can remove this number to get text messages and calls again. See these easy steps. Remember, blocked numbers are stored in an android phone app. You have [...]

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Tips to Record Audios on Android Using USB Microphone

With your cheap tablets wholesale and smartphone, it is possible to record high-quality audio. If you want to record great audios with a USB microphone on an android smartphone, you can get the advantage of this feature. Remember, you can’t carry your computer for the recording of professional quality audios. Smartphones can help you to record high-quality audios. Samsung Go microphone is a tiny device to fit in your pocket. Here are some steps to record professional-quality audio. Android smartphone OTG USB cable Supported [...]

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How to Reduce Memory Usage on iPhones

You must learn how to effectively use these gadgets by reducing memory usage. The good news is that there are many ways through which you can reduce the memory usage of a lease tablets. Reducing the memory usage for an iPhone When your iPhone is short on memory, then you will notice that it will slow down.  Once the battery drains out it will become difficult for you to use it the way you want. What you need to do is clear [...]

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5 Best Android Tablets with Keyboard

For maximum flexibility, you can buy a device with detachable keyboards. The market has numerous 2-in-1 devices suitable for professionals. If you want to buy android tablet rental with a keyboard, you have to consider your budget. Feel free to check budget-friendly options. You can find numerous versatile tablets with a keyboard. See the 5 best android tablets with a keyboard. 1. Microsoft Surface Go It is a reliable tablet with detachable keyboard for great performance. You can get the advantage of [...]

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5 Local Stores That Buy Used Cell Phones

If you are unable to buy a new cell phone, a used smartphone can be an attractive choice. Numerous local stores are available to buy used cell phones. See the details of 5 local stores that buy used cell phones. 1. Gazelle Gazelle is a leading place to purchase old cell phones. They are buying individual android tablet wholesale price. and bulk phones. You can use their user-friendly platform. Gazelle deals in different types of electronics, such as tablets, laptops and [...]

How To Use Android Device Manager to find your lost device?

A smartphone or tablet is necessary to increase your mobility. You can carry these devices from one place to another and easily loss them anywhere. Fortunately, new devices are available with built-in features to find a lost device. If you have lost your android devices, you can use an android device manager to find them.  Android offers dedicated tools for the convenience of its users. Remember, iOS devices are available with “Find My iPhone” app. ADM (android device manager) is [...]

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A Brief Review of Google Nexus 7 Tablet

If you want a great device, you can consider Google Nexus 7. It is one of the best android tablets with Jelly Bean. You can enjoy a smooth experience with particular Tegra 3 processor. With its special processor and IPS panel, it can keep things fast and bright. Nexus 7 features stable performance, HD razor-sharp screen, meager weight, affordable price and long battery life. Its price makes it the best device on the market. Design and Build The form-factor 7-inch makes Google [...]

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How to Find the Original Apps by a Developer on Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store is an integral part of your life. It becomes challenging to navigate through thousands of options. The store has numerous apps; therefore, it is becoming difficult to find an app from the Play Store. Here are some tips for finding the original apps by a developer on Google Play Store. Get the Advantage of Search Tool If you need a specific app from a developer, you can use a search tool at the top of the Play [...]

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