What to Do If Windows 10 Won’t Wake from Sleep with Keyboard or Mouse!

We were getting a lot of queries about the best possible ways to wake the computer up if it is not responding to the mouse or the keyboard! 

First of all, read the symptoms and the cause of this problem. So let us begin with the symptoms first, and then we will move towards the latter part of the article in which we will tell you about the best ways to wake the PC.

Symptoms and Causes of not Waking up!

The symptom of the failure of waking the computer is the most common one, and almost all of us has experienced it once in our life, so if your mouse or keyboard’s moment and clicking cant wake the computer then it is the first symptom. The second symptom is that after your computer is awake, the pointing device or the mouse will simply not work, and the screen will be frozen. The third symptom is to press the sleep button on your keyboard. If the computer will not turn into the sleep mode, then it means that the computer is having some problems.

Now talking about causes of the symptoms, if you are using the Windows Vista or the service pack version of the tools, then it would surely cause issues because of the outdated drivers. The settings are tweaked, and you cannot use the system properly, the computer system has gotten a virus, the sleep key is not configured properly and it causes the system to act abnormally!

Solutions for Waking up your Computer

Here are the different ways in which you can wake up your computer system. 

  • You can easily use the common method of pulling the mains plug out and blacking out the power supply for the tool. When you do this the computer will lose all its cache and will start as new again when you plug it.
  • You must use the method of fixing this problem by just turning off the startup menu, and the menu can cause a lot of lag and hang when it comes to running of system applications!
  • You can also help yourself out with the help of tweaking with the power settings. You must learn about these tips and tricks, and after that, you must think about where to get a cheap tablet. You can choose a customized power plan for your system, which will help you in sleep and wake the phenomenon of your computer!
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