We proudly offer a Trade In Program to buy your used tablets and computer equipment for cash value or credit towards a new order.

For the initial offer:

We require the qty of devices, model/s, and condition (cosmetic & functionality). Devices must be free of passcode/account lock with clean ESN and without any cracked/smashed screens. An initial offer per device is provided based on these attributes. If initial offer is accepted, we pay for the shipping to have the devices sent to our warehouse for final inspection. Once final inspection is completed and offer is accepted , credit may be used for the new order or cash is paid out 10-14 days from accepted offer.


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** Sim cards and service are not included with Cellular/Wi-Fi iPads. Cellular/Wi-Fi iPads require sim cards for 3G/ 4G cellular data. Sim cards are not required to pick up Wi-Fi where it is available.
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