Frequently Asked Questions

Our bulk iPads have a 90 day repair/exchange warranty. We also offer extended warranty options.

We offer the cheapest rates in the industry due to our large volume shipping discounts.

The minimum order size for purchasing iPads in bulk is 10 units. but smaller orders can be accomodated.

All iPads are reset to factory default settings.

Tax is not included in the pricing and varies depending on quantity and the shipping destination.

Our iPads are in 3 categories: New Condition, Refurbished Condition and Good used condition. They are fully functional with minor cosmetic wear and tear (unless otherwise noted).

Each iPad includes an original charging wall adapter and USB cable.

We can finance upon bank approval, and mutual trust.

We’re located in California but we do business nationwide. Bulk iPad sales are available with delivery throughout the country.

Yes! Refurbished iPads provide a great value compared to buying new. Buying iPads in bulk gets you quality units at a lower price. Most of our iPads are not refurbished, they are used and in good cosmetic and functional condition.

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