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Tabletresellers offers the ability to Purchase Tablets in bulk quantities at wholesale pricing.

iPad Customization

Often times companies will need their software or application installed on the devices ready to go. Along with custom layouts, security settings, data protection and other device calibrations this can prove to be very time consuming at a high volume. Our talented team of technicians can setup the units to your exact specifications.

Block certain settings, websites, or apps so you can get exactly what you need out of your tablets with no other distractions. Only want certain Apps installed? No problem, we can delete the Apps you don’t need and keep the ones you want.

Our Services

We Can Help You With

Applications & Software

Loading of PDFs / Photos & Videos

Logos & Wallpapers


WiFi Credentials

Block Certain Apps or Files

Custom packaging

Custom Branding

Presentations and Conferences Done Right

Custom packaging – Impress your attendees with custom branding. We can add your companies logo as the tablets wallpaper or lock screen image. We package each tablet separately into their own boxes, and can add your companies logo or any other design right onto the packaging. This will add a one of a kind and unique feel to your companies next conference or meeting.

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