How to Exit Safe Mode: 10 Ways to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android?

In numerous cases, it becomes necessary to enter a safe mode to remove a problematic program. You can use this mode in almost all smart devicesSometimes, a safe mode of android can become massive trouble for you. It may leave you stuck, and you can’t go anywhere. There are numerous methods to turn off a safe mode on your android device. See these instructions.

1. Restart

Restart is a secure method to solve different phone issues. If a phone lags, you can restart your device instantly. It is a simple method to turn off your safe mode. For this purpose, press the power button and hold it for a few seconds. A menu will appear to reboot or restart a device. 

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2. Notification Panel

If your android phone stuck in a safe mode, you have to pay attention to the notification panel. Pull down this panel and click on a safe mode button to turn this mode off. You may not get this option in some phones.

3. Key Combinations

Use a combination of keys (Power + Volume) to turn off your smartphone. Press these keys together to switch off your phone. Once your phone is off, press the power button and hold it for a few seconds until you see a logo on the screen. Immediately press a volume down button and hold it for a few seconds to see “Safe Mode: Off”.

4. Cut Off Power

If you are unable to turn off the safe mode of an android smartphoneyou can remove the battery of your phone. It will help you to restart your smartphone.

android tablets and smartphones5. Remove Cache of Apps

Sometimes, an app can restrict you from quitting a safe mode. In this situation, you have to remove the cache of your apps. It will help you to start your phone usually. In numerous cases, a corrupt app can increase problems in your life.

6. Clear Data of Your App

In the app menu, you will find your personal preferences and cache. You have to remove this data to return from safe mode.

7. Uninstall Corrupt Apps

Corrupt apps in your smartphone can block you in a safe mode. After uninstalling a corrupt app, you will be able to get out of the safe mode. Go to settings to find and uninstall corrupt apps.

android tablets and smartphones8. Wipe Cache of your Device

Wipe cache of your device to quit a safe mode. Enter a recovery mode by turning off your phone and press volume up, power and home button simultaneously. It will help you to enter in a recovery mode and wipe partition of the cache.

9. Factory Reset

If you are unable to quit a safe mode, you can factory reset your deviceIt will help you to delete data of your device.

10. Troubleshoot Hardware 

Sometimes, a hardware issue becomes the main culprit. Try to clean faulty hardware to solve this issue.

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