How to Find the Original Apps by a Developer on Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store is an integral part of your life. It becomes challenging to navigate through thousands of options. The store has numerous apps; therefore, it is becoming difficult to find an app from the Play Store. Here are some tips for finding the original apps by a developer on Google Play Store.

Get the Advantage of Search Tool

If you need a specific app from a developer, you can use a search tool at the top of the Play Store screen. Write the name of the developer and the app. In case, you don’t remember the exact name of the app, type in available information.

For instance, write the name of the developer and get a list of apps developed by this person for the Google Play Store. If you are unable to remember the name, you can type keywords to find relevant results. Use inverted commas to specific the search results for a developer. 

android tablet wholesale priceCategory Searches

Each app in the Play Store is assigned a particular category. If you want a new game, select a category of game and scroll down through apps that fit in this category. You can find apps long with the name, app developer and customer-rating. Search results may contain top rated, top free, top paid and recommended apps. Based on the category, you can see rows tailored in different ways. 

To customize results, you can choose different sections in the category. Under games, you can see genres of games to narrow down the search and browse for something expected. After finding an exciting app, you must check its description and reviews of customers. If the rating is your primary source, you have to read reviews of customers carefully. Several people write interesting reviews with 1 star. 

Home Screen Apps

Once you launch Google Play for the first time, you will land on the home screen of Google. The screen will break down into rows to show relevant content, such as recently installed apps on devices. 

The home screen allows you to find your favorite apps. Check the Top Charts to find out popular apps. Feel free to download the newest or biggest paid and free apps. You can see games and apps on the list. Defer to the editors of Play Store with the Editor’s Choice. A special section is available to review apps professionally. You can break the page into common categories of an app to find your desired apps.

Social Media and Forums Sites

People share information about their apps. If you visit android forums, you can get a complete review of apps. Several developers include barcodes in their apps for a specific website or device.

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