Tips to Record Audios on Android Using USB Microphone

With your cheap tablets wholesale and smartphone, it is possible to record high-quality audio. If you want to record great audios with a USB microphone on an android smartphone, you can get the advantage of this feature. Remember, you can’t carry your computer for the recording of professional quality audios.

Smartphones can help you to record high-quality audios. Samsung Go microphone is a tiny device to fit in your pocket. Here are some steps to record professional-quality audio.

  • Android smartphone
  • OTG USB cable
  • Supported microphone USB
  • Audio recorder USB app

Audio Recorder Apps

Numerous USB recorder apps are available in the Google Play Store. Check reviews of each app before finalizing a task. An app can record impressive quality audio and save it on a .wav file format system.

You can check these recordings in a folder “recordings” on your external storage card. It works really well on a smartphone with 3.1 android and more. In a free app, you will get a limitation of 50 MBs file size. Feel free to choose a pro version of your favorite software. Make sure to select an app that offers a simple user interface. It allows you to work without technical skills.

Issues of Microphone in Phone

Numerous things may cause problems with microphones on your phone or tablet. You have to check the quality of the microphone by recording something. It will help you determine the exact troubleshooting method.

Detach External Devices from Your Phone

In the first step, you have to check the audio of your smartphone by removing external devices. Remove accessories plugged into your phones, such as selfie sticks, charms, headphone, phone skins and cases.

Open “Quick Settings” by swiping down from the top of the screen. Click on Bluetooth icon to turn it off. When this icon is gray, it will turn off.

Power Off Smartphone

Restart your new phone by taping the power button. If you are using a fingerprint security feature, your smartphone may need a backup password to unlock after rebooting. Wait for 30 seconds and power off your phone by pressing a power button.

You have to record something by loading a voice recorder or a camera recorder. Prepare a short clip with an audio. Play this recorded clip, and if everything is fine, your microphone is working well. Sometimes, a new app or connected accessory may cause an issue.

android tablet and smartphoneAndroid as a Computer Microphone

With software, it will be easy to use android phone as a computer microphone. Sometimes, these programs contain malware that stops them from working properly. See these options.

Wo Mic

You can use Wo Mic, a top-rated application to turn android phone into a microphone of the computer. This app may support an excellent interface and smooth procedure. Check the official website of Wo Mic to download this app and transport files through Bluetooth, US and Wi-Fi.

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