7 Reasons Why Your iPhone Has Slow Internet!

Today we are going to talk about the different reasons that make you feel that your phone’s internet speed is low! After reading the different reasons, you can also simply try and fix these reasons simply at your home!

Reasons for slow speed internet!

  • The first reason that can make you feel that your internet speed of the phone is low is the bad or poor router position. This is one of the biggest reasons that your phone does not perform well with the utilization of the internet. If the router is placed in a bad position, then it can simply be impossible for the phone to give its best with the improper route of Wi-Fi.
  • The second reason is congested Wi-Fi, if the Wi-Fi device is placed far beyond the reach of the tool then it is a very good reason for the phone to perform weakly on the congested service of the internet! This problem is mostly experienced in the apartments and flats where there are no receiving signals, and hence the sent signal strength is not so good too!
  • Wi-Fi can really be affected by the working of some appliances in your home. You would be shocked that devices and machinery like Wi-Fi and microwaves can be easily defective to the use of the internet. You will know that when you plan on playing a movie along with making popcorn in your oven/Microwave.
  • The next reason is that you don’t know about the package you are using and there is a very high chance that you are facing internet speed issues because of this slow internet package!
  • Another important reason that why your iPhone is not working properly is that it is receiving low pings or the second most important thing is that you are not using the best VPN services and using the low version of VPN your internet connections are being disturbed.
  • The next reason that your phone can be slow on the internet is that it is using a data connection which is very much slower in the area you are in. the LTE or 4G is the highest internet connection, and if you are not getting the full speed then there is no point in blaming the phone, until
  • Your phone can also be a reason why it is not performing itself well. You will easily find this out if the Wi-Fi is working just fine with other devices that are available in the same house!
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