November 2019

Facebook Working on AR Glasses

What is the cheapest tablet with WiFi? If you want to know about the different tablets and their associated features, you can get to know from online websites. There are multiple websites that not only provide with the gadgets data, info, and pricing but also selling the gadgets on cheaper rates from the market. Or you can take advantage of it. Along with the traditional

How to Control a Drone with your Android Phone?

We keep getting a lot of queries about photography and how to control drones with android devices.. So we will talk about some of the basic ways and tips which will help you control your drone with your android device. Importance of Drone These Days! Well if we talk about photography and especially professional shoots and videos these days, then it can be seen that

Best Wireless Earbuds alternatives to iPods

Remember, airpods are great for iPhone and Android devices. With these devices, you can improve the quality of sound. In the wireless market, it becomes easy to find alternatives to AirPods. It doesn’t mean to avoid ecosystem of Apple for a streamlined experience. If you want a real wireless solution, you can find different options. These can improve the quality of sound. Samsung Buds (Galaxy)

3 Tablets That Support 5G!

People always search for and look forward to buy cheap android tablets. The technology is changing day by day and is advancing gradually. So people need to understand the old technology is wearing its charm off and in a few years old mobile phones and tablets will no longer be of any good use as the programs and games and the applications that are being

Microsoft Set to Launches Dual-Screen Surface for 2020

The dual-screen surface gadgets will be far way different than the tablets that you buy an android tablet online. Microsoft is planning to launch a masterpiece in the coming years.If you are searching for the tablets to get at the cheaper price, then buy android tablet online. The tablets have made a remarkable place in the market and the mindsets of the people especially youth

5 Best Reading Book Applications for iPad Users!

Instead of thinking to buy 10 inch android tablets, you must think of the new applications that the iPad has launched for book readers. If you are fond of book or blog reading, then you must read this article to know about the latest updates and all about the applications that Apple has listed for book reading. Buying an iPad means you can enjoy the

Top things to know about upcoming generations of computers

With upgraded generations of computers, you can see a difference in the android tablets. Each generation comes with some new things and exciting features. The latest generations of computers are using artificial intelligence. These devices allow you to control everything around you with your voice. In the upcoming computer generations, you can notice these things. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) It will help you to manage repetitive tasks

New specs of Pixelbook – what else you can do with this device?

With powerful internals and clean design, the Pixelbook is the best book from Google. This device can replace Mac or Windows. You may find this device while shopping for androids online. People may find them expensive, but their price justifies its features and properties. The Pixelbook Go is an advanced iteration of this brand. Here are some essential things to know about this device. Understand Pixelbook Go

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