Facebook Working on AR Glasses

What is the cheapest tablet with WiFi? If you want to know about the different tablets and their associated features, you can get to know from online websites. There are multiple websites that not only provide with the gadgets data, info, and pricing but also selling the gadgets on cheaper rates from the market. Or you can take advantage of it.

Along with the traditional tablets, the gadget developers are working on experimenting and producing different models. AR Glasses are augmented reality glasses. 


Facebook is the social media site that is now planning to collaborate with the ray ban brand. The glasses then work as the other gadgets like you can make a call by conveniently. You can find and view the different information on it.  Facebook is thinking of setting a voice assistant with it that will attract the audience more towards the unique feature. This voice assistant can be used as the input for which the corresponding outcome will be achieved.

Size of The AR Glasses:

The AR Glasses are designed to be made in small sizes in order to enhance convenience and popularity. The Facebook app is taking great interest in the making and launch of the AR Glasses. There is a qualified team of technologists that are working together in order to enhance the quality of the AR Glasses in order to enhance the popularity and the market value.

Live Maps:

The Facebook owner has said that they map the world with the help of life maps streaks in the AR Glasses. You can easily locate the locations wherever we want to go to the collaboration of Facebook along with the ray ban is providing assistance in developing new and unique features with great ease and comfort. 

Replace The Cell Phone:

The feature and the factors developed in the AR Glasses make it a new whole developed device that is strong enough to replace the cell phone. You do not need to substitute with your already existing gadget as it can easily take the whole and complete charge.

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