Best Wireless Earbuds alternatives to iPods

Remember, airpods are great for iPhone and Android devices. With these devices, you can improve the quality of sound. In the wireless market, it becomes easy to find alternatives to AirPods. It doesn’t mean to avoid ecosystem of Apple for a streamlined experience. If you want a real wireless solution, you can find different options. These can improve the quality of sound.

Samsung Buds (Galaxy)

If you want the best alternative of AirPods for your android device, consider Samsung Galaxy buds. These can complement Samsung Galaxy S10 suites. The earbuds may not support aptX and may not provide scalably and AAC Samsung codec. These earbuds can work flawlessly with an androidYou can get the advantage of connectivity and intelligently bitrate (balancing). With Samsung Galaxy S10, it is possible to charge your earbuds by putting them on the phone wirelessly.

You can operate them via 5.0 Bluetooth and manage a reliable connection within a range of 10 meters. You can get support for Google Assistant and instruct it to create events or skip tracks. The dual-microphone can listen to your commands. These buds are IPX2 certified; therefore, these can withstand your gym visits and run. Its battery life is almost 6.53 hours. 

Wireless Earbuds WF-1000XM3 Sony

With noise-cancelling qualities, these are the true wireless earbuds. It can be an excellent replacement for airpods. You will get the right level of isolation. They can be an adequate substitute for expensive devices. Their impressive battery life can make them stand out.

Cambridge Audio Melomnia 1

For mind-blowing sound without wires, Cambridge audio melomnia can be a suitable choice. It weighs almost 9.2g and 20-20,000Hz frequency response. With dome-type drivers, its on-board battery life is nearly 9 hours. It allows you to enjoy the great value of money and impressive sound quality. It doesn’t come with noise-cancellation features. 

This device can certainly outperform AirPods of Apple. It lacks  wireless charging case. You can get exception audio after paying a small price. Get the best value of money. 

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Jabra Elite 65t

It is one of the best wireless headphones to replace Apple Airpods. With excellent battery life and sound quality, you can enjoy your favorite songs for a longer duration. These earbuds can impress anyone with their sophisticated, subtle look and stable wireless connection. As compared to their competitors, they offer the best quality of sound within your budget.

Beats PowerBeats Pro

As compared to other models, these earbuds are extremely comfortable and lightweight. They sound comfortable and decent. If you want affordable earbuds, these can be the best choices to date. With great battery life and sound quality, these are perfect for your ear. Feel free to use them in an office or house without any trouble. Its on-board life is almost 9 hours.

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