New specs of Pixelbook – what else you can do with this device?

With powerful internals and clean design, the Pixelbook is the best book from Google. This device can replace Mac or Windows. You may find this device while shopping for androids onlinePeople may find them expensive, but their price justifies its features and properties. The Pixelbook Go is an advanced iteration of this brand. Here are some essential things to know about this device.

Understand Pixelbook Go

The latest laptop of Google, Pixelbook Go features ChromeOS. With this premium laptop, you will get a textured bottom (grippy) and a 13.3-inch display. These things make it ideal for busy users who often work on irregular surfaces.

Grippy bottom, size, and keyboard make it a comfortable device. Feel free to work on it regularly without feeling frustrated and tired.

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Key Features of Pixelbook

Business users like this book because of its Titan C security chip. Remember, Google has designed this low-power security module for its pixel slates. Check android tablet online shopping to buy this slate with a security chip. This chip depends on the dedicated design of Google with a network controller and micro-controller.

A similar Titan chip gives cues to this chip to safeguard Google servers. Titan chips perform the task of protecting hardware against a few sophisticated attacks, including boot-time attacks. Moreover, battery life is another satisfactory feature for users. It comes with a 15% larger battery than the previous books.

You can charge its battery within 20 minutes with its charger. The Pixelbook Go features an improved Bluetooth module. People may like this new change in the laptop.

Importance of Pixelbook for Businesses

The advanced Pixelbook Go is a budget-friendly model. You may get it within $649.00 that is cheaper than its previous models. Businesses like its reliability, security, and simplify. This machine is famous among business users because of its safety and. These devices are safe because it is free from third-party apps. It can replace an android tablet online shopping.

This latest device comes with an assistant button to instantly call up an assistant. You can use this efficient assistant without using keywords.

Secure Design 

A fusion of advanced security capabilities and great design makes it a suitable choice for everyone. It features Titan C security chip, built-n protection for a virus, verified boot, and sandboxes for web pages and apps.

Portable Device

Looking for the android tabletCheck out the finely-painted magnesium. This lightweight and ultra-thin computer is incredibly portable for travelers. With an impressive 13.3” display, it can be a productive device for your workers.

Designed for Productivity and Speed

Pixelbook Go takes a few seconds to boot. Its updates will not disturb you because they happen automatically in the background. With an Intel Core 8th Gen processor, workers can get the advantage of multiple apps and tabs at the same time. 

Employees can get the advantage of high-quality video calls with its 1080p webcam and double mics. With its noise cancelation feature, you can cancel noise in the background. The backlit, ultra-quiet keyboard allows you to type in the dark.

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