5 Best Reading Book Applications for iPad Users!

Instead of thinking to buy 10 inch android tablets, you must think of the new applications that the iPad has launched for book readers. If you are fond of book or blog reading, then you must read this article to know about the latest updates and all about the applications that Apple has listed for book reading. Buying an iPad means you can enjoy the pleasures of both a tablet and a book. So today we will talk about different applications and will let our readers know about their features and how amazing their use is.

The Kindle!

The kindle is said to be the most famous book reading application around the world, not only apple has the Kindle application on it, but it launched Kindle tablets a few years ago which were a great success. These tablets were only built for music listening and book reading purpose. Children who at that time were interested to buy 10 inch android tablets shifted their choices to kindle. Today the Kindle is available on the iPad and you can easily download it from the app store on your apple device. Some of the books available there are free, and some of them are paid, so you have to pay for these books. But nevertheless kindle is said to be the most well-reputed application of the decade.buy 10 inch android tablets

Google Books!

The Google books application is the second application on our list. Google books are also available on the app store of iPad and Apple devices so if you want to read some new books you can always download Google books and keep it on your tablet. One of the interesting things is that Google books have all the books in English language. So if you are a native English speaker or reader you must enjoy Google books. And if you are not comfortable with English then don’t worry Google books have the translation feature in them as well.


The kobo application is the third application in our list. If you want to buy 10 inch android tablets, then you must think again and go for an iPad mini and download kobo on it. Kobo is an application which allows you to read books and have live chats with your friends and family. You can also make book reading buddies on kobo. Kobo can also be downloaded directly from the app store on Apple devices.buy 10 inch android tablets

Read Mill!

The tread mill is the fourth application in our list. It is also an application that has gathered a lot of attention lately, and it is also available on the app store of apple devices.


Marvin is one of the greatest book reading apps of the century, you can download Marvin for free on your iPad. The Marvin app is otherwise paid and is of 5 dollars per download on smartphones.

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