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old Windows Update

How to Delete old Windows Update Files?

The problem that has been troubling our readers for a long time is how they can simply delete old windows update files that are covering a lot of space on their ram.  You must understand that unnecessary ram can be very bad to your computer as they can easily make your device slow and low in performance plus it gives viruses a chance to attack your computer system and that we are sure you don’t want.  Here is the complete step [...]

Windows 10 system

Curious to Run Old Games and Software on Windows 10? Here is the answer!

We are going to tell you about why the old games and software doesn’t work as default on your android tablet, but we will also tell you about how you can use the old games and programs on your tablet! people usually buy the neap windows 10 tablet without knowing the bugs in the operating system and later on they get irritated and want to get rid of it. This would have been the case with you too but [...]

iOS and Android Phone

Update Your Phone with These 4 Methods

Without updates, your smartphones and devicescan’t work efficiently. For this reason, you have to keep your devices updated. Technology is rapidly evolving; therefore, updates are useful to enhance the efficiency of your smartphones and tablets. See these four methods to update your smartphone. Settings App to Check for Latest Updates If you want to check updates for your android phone, go to the settings app on your device. It will help you to search and install apps manually. Under Settings, you will find [...]

android tablets and smartphones

How to Exit Safe Mode: 10 Ways to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android?

In numerous cases, it becomes necessary to enter a safe mode to remove a problematic program. You can use this mode in almost all smart devices. Sometimes, a safe mode of android can become massive trouble for you. It may leave you stuck, and you can’t go anywhere. There are numerous methods to turn off a safe mode on your android device. See these instructions. 1. Restart Restart is a secure method to solve different phone issues. If a phone lags, you [...]

android smartphones

5 Best App to Hide Photos and Videos on Android

Are you worried about the security of your videos and photos? There is no need to worry because several android apps are available for free. You can download a suitable app from the Google Play Store. See five best apps to hide videos and photos on android. 1. KeepSafe Photo Vault You can use this android app to hide private videos and pictures. It is a suitable app to protect your media. This app is easy-to-use and secure because you can use [...]

internet speed of the phone

7 Reasons Why Your iPhone Has Slow Internet!

Today we are going to talk about the different reasons that make you feel that your phone’s internet speed is low! After reading the different reasons, you can also simply try and fix these reasons simply at your home! Reasons for slow speed internet! The first reason that can make you feel that your internet speed of the phone is low is the bad or poor router position. This is one of the biggest reasons that your phone does not perform [...]

cheap discounted tablet

8 Tips to Fix Microsoft Store and App Issues in Windows 10!

Got a cheap discounted tablet which has some issues related to the Microsoft store and other apps. Well, you don’t have to worry about it as today we have gathered the complete information about the top tips that you can use to fix these issues of Microsoft application store, and you can easily fix your cheap discounted tablet at home now! We have the solution to every problem for our readers, and as we were getting a lot of [...]

apple device

4 Apps to Check If Your Apple Device Is Not Functioning!

Heard some bad news about your apple device and want the shift to android? Well if you are looking for an affordable device then you are totally in the right place and at the right. We will also let you know about the different apps that you can use to check and cater any problems in your apple devices.  So the Samsung galaxy tab 1 and the Kindle fire are the best choices if you want to get used [...]

screen brightness

5 Quick Ways to Change the Screen Brightness in Windows 10

Now today we will look at different ways in which you can easily change screen brightness in a windows 10 operating system. You must be wondering how to do it in the quickest way possible and we have gathered here the top ways that can help you in adjusting your screen with just a few clicks! Screen brightness is very important to adjust because sometimes working for long hours with high brightness can easily hurt your eyes, can give you [...]

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