5 Quick Ways to Change the Screen Brightness in Windows 10

Now today we will look at different ways in which you can easily change screen brightness in a windows 10 operating system. You must be wondering how to do it in the quickest way possible and we have gathered here the top ways that can help you in adjusting your screen with just a few clicks!

Screen brightness is very important to adjust because sometimes working for long hours with high brightness can easily hurt your eyes, can give you a headache and can also affect your eyesight in the long run and for this very reason, you need to know about the details of the shortcuts for increasing or decreasing your screen brightness!

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The top shortcuts that you can use for adjusting brightness!

Here is the list of the top shortcuts and the quickest ways to adjust screen brightness!

  1. The first way to increase your screen brightness is by making a few clicks with your mouse. In the taskbar of your computer or laptop, you will see that in the lower right corner there are three to four details of your system. These include the Wi-Fi or internet connectivity, the time and the battery condition of the device in laptops. Although these widgets are easily added and removed in the settings of the taskbar by default, you will always see these tools on almost every system. Now you can click on the battery widget and then click on the power saver mode, and your screen’s brightness will be halved.
  2. The second most important and quick way of adjusting your screen brightness is to press the Fn key and the down arrow key on the keyboard that you are using or on the laptop that has windows ten. The down arrow can adjust the brightness till you reach the desire and the ideal brightness.
  3. The third-quickest way is also to use the keyboard and this time you can press the backspace and Fn button to decrease the brightness and to increase it, you must use the plus button.
  4. The fourth way of adjusting screen brightness is by just simply dragging down your screen on your touch laptop or on your best windows tablet. You can easily swipe down the settings bar and can adjust the brightness line with your finger!
  5. The fifth way is to add a widget on the home page of your laptop or your best windows tablet and then adjust the screen brightness with your hand or your mouse whenever you need it to be increased or decreased!

So these were the top five ways of adjusting brightness quickly!

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