June 2019

Things You Need to Know before buying an iPad

Is an iPad better than buy android tablets wholesale? We can debate about that later. For now, let’s discuss what things you should know if you are buying an iPad. This guide is first-time Apple users; if you are confused between Android and iOS, the following points will help you make a well-informed decision.  Is Microsoft Office Available on iPad? Microsoft Office is a universally

Your Guide to buy a Tablet PC

What to look for when buying a tablet? If you don’t know what features to look for in the best cheap android tablet, you have come to the right place. Following, we will give you a quick guide that will show how to buy the best tablet for your money.   Your Budget The first thing you need to do before searching for the best cheap

Top 10 Tablets for Bloggers with Keyboards

Microsoft Surface Pro The Microsoft Surface Pro is among the greatest tablets offered in the industry at the moment. The Surface Pro packs an Intel Core M3 chip onboard, which is supposed to help you complete tasks effectively on your device. The base version of this Surface Pro includes 128GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, a 12.5-inch 2736 x 1824 screen, Windows 10, and also

How to make your kids tablet use productive

How do you choose between the best tablet kids? It won’t matter if you don’t introduce healthy practices around the house and stop your kids from becoming addicted to technology. You need to put in place some restrictions to make your kid’s screen time healthy and productive. Implement Restrictions It’s crucial you put some restrictions about how much time your children are allowed to spend

List of the Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2019

If you are looking for a cheap windows 10 tablet, then you  should consider the tablets on our list. We are compiling some of the best window tablets that won’t break into your bank. You can buy these for a fair price and get excellent value for your money. Windows 10 Fusion5 Speaking of cheap windows 10 tablet,  We start off our list with the

Top 10 Android Tablets at the Best Prices

Do you want the best cheap discounted tablets? The following list named the best tablets available at ridiculously low prices.  Take a look! Amazon Fire HD 8 ($80) Amazon isn’t always the leader in the tablet marketplace, but if money is an issue and you are looking for a reliable option, then this Amazon tablets would be a good choice. They lead the cheap discounted

Buying Guide: Essential Tips to Follow While Picking a Tablet

There is a wide range of the cheapest tablet online available to choose from. It becomes a bit more  difficult to buy the right device when a buyer doesn’t know the different features, specs, prices, etc. Equip yourself with the necessary information before investing your money. Education about tablets enables a person to choose the best portable partner. Our guide will take into consideration the

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