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Now it’s easy to Move Your Installed Apps & Programs in Windows PC

Well, we have already discussed it a few times with our readers who are new to the concept of the trend change from desktop systems to laptop systems and then to tablets. For those of you who have decided that they will get a tablet no matter what and are still thinking that where I can get the cheap tablets, then you can visit online stores to get good deals on the new year. Now today we are going [...]

screenshots on your computer

How to take Screenshot on a Windows PC Without Print Screen: 4 Methods

Nowadays people can shift to tablets for many reasons, and one of the minor reasons is also that they don’t know how to take screenshots on their systems. Here we have gathered the top ways in which you can take screenshot on your computer or laptop system. You must try and use these methods instead of looking for alternates. You must be surprised to know that there is more than one way of taking a screenshot on a computer system [...]

Xbox One Controller

How to Sync your Mac with an Xbox One Controller?

Well if you are an iOS system user, then you must know that these devices are a pro when it comes to gaming and high graphic functioning. These are the best devices available in the world that you can use for gaming and for other important and high definition purposes. We would like you to know about how you can easily connect your controllers with your MacBook. Looking for the best controllers for gaming is not at all necessary, and [...]

What to Do If Windows 10 Won’t Wake from Sleep with Keyboard or Mouse!

We were getting a lot of queries about the best possible ways to wake the computer up if it is not responding to the mouse or the keyboard!  First of all, read the symptoms and the cause of this problem. So let us begin with the symptoms first, and then we will move towards the latter part of the article in which we will tell you about the best ways to wake the PC. Symptoms and Causes of not Waking up! The [...]

wake the PC

What to Do If Windows 10 Won’t Wake from Sleep with a Keyboard or Mouse?

We are going to talk about the best method to wake your computer from sleep and what alternatives we have if the computer does not wake up by the conventional methods! Use the keyboard and the mouse! The first and the most common method to wake your pc from sleep is to do it with the help of the keyboard and mouse. If your pc has gone to sleep after a certain time of inactivity then it is time that you move [...]

How to fix MacBook Cursor if it Jumps While Typing?

We are going to help you find information about fixing the cursor of the MacBook if it jumps while you are working. Well, this is a common problem, and this can easily be fixed by following some simple steps.  Now you can use the following tips to fix the cursor issue, You can easily fix the issue of the cursor by going to the Apple menu, from there, you will find the system preferences, and then you can go to the [...]

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