How to Sync your Mac with an Xbox One Controller?

Well if you are an iOS system user, then you must know that these devices are a pro when it comes to gaming and high graphic functioning. These are the best devices available in the world that you can use for gaming and for other important and high definition purposes. We would like you to know about how you can easily connect your controllers with your MacBook.

Looking for the best controllers for gaming is not at all necessary, and you can use the best controllers to buy the Xbox One. You must know that the Xbox gaming system is one of the best gaming systems in the world and its competition with PlayStation and the same as the competition between Samsung and Apple devices. Both of them are on the top levels but only the best can be voted out on the basis of preference of the user himself. So whatever the case here maybe we will talk about the best way in which you can connect the Xbox one controller with MacBook so that you can easily enjoy games on your MacBook.

The Xbox One controller is a lot better than the conventional controlling device of the MacBook, which includes the keyboard and the mouse. You will not find the charisma and the feel in a game if you use the keyboard for controlling your play. The Xbox One controller will give you an amazing feel and a better gaming experience on your MacBook system!

How to connect the remote with the MacBook!

Now there are two ways that you can use to connect the controller with the device:

The first method is to simply connect your controller with the MacBook with the help of the wired connection. You can easily connect your Mac and the controller with the help of the USB port of the book. You can easily enable the settings when you connect the remote with the device. You must enable all the options in the checklist that appears in the system, or you also have the choice of simply activating then remote and using it comfortably by changing the settings from the settings menu!

The second method is to connect the device with the help of Bluetooth connectivity, and this method is more used and enjoyed because it allows you to free play of games and other activities, you are no longer bound to stand at the length of wire.

You can simply connect the X button on the top middle of the remote, and it will turn on the Bluetooth of the remote. You can enable the Bluetooth of the book to and when you see the remote visible on the system, you must pair it. You can then use the remote control device easily with the MacBook!

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