Things You Need to Know before buying an iPad

Is an iPad better than buy android tablets wholesale?

We can debate about that later. For now, let’s discuss what things you should know if you are buying an iPad. This guide is first-time Apple users; if you are confused between Android and iOS, the following points will help you make a well-informed decision. 

Is Microsoft Office Available on iPad?

Microsoft Office is a universally accepted suite when it comes to doing office work (hence the name). You are not going to buy an iPad at the same rate you buy android tablets wholesale. What you need to ask yourself is, are these tablets capable of running Microsoft Office?

After all, you are investing money into the device; it’s your right to know. The answer is no, Apple can’t run Microsoft apps, but you can find some great alternatives. For instance you can find iWorks Package, it contains Keynote, Pages and Numbers, each of these apps will cost you $10.

Can You Print Right from an iPad?

Buy Android Tablets WholesaleThere is no way you can do this. However, there are several apps introduced from companies like Canon and HP that allow you to do this. You can use these apps to print stuff from specific printers. The issue is that most of these apps are designed for the iPhone. There’s no need to worry though because they can work with the iPad as well. However, they are not necessarily as efficient as they are on the iPhone. You’ll have to make some compromises. 

What Does the Apple Warranty?

When you buy android tablets wholesale, you know what the warranty covers. However, if you are buying an iPad, what is covered for you?

Well, you don’t have an insurance policy for starters. The default repair warranty covers some usable issues like damaged buttons and switches. These are overused and they lose their efficiency with time. 

These are not the only things; headphone jacks and speakers need fixing too. In general, these warranties don’t cover damage or abuse. If you dropped you device, there are cracks in the screen, or you tried to disassemble the device on your own, don’t expect Apple to come to your rescue. It’s far better if you invest in a case or sleeve to prevent damage. 

Does the iPad show Slideshows and Presentations?

When you buy android tablets wholesale, you can view Slideshows and Presentations without downloading a third-party app. What about the iPad? Do you need a third-party solution?

The gallery option might be enough for you, but if you connect to a projector, you will need a separate adaptor. Sometimes you will need to install an app to make it work. This isn’t the case with Android tablets. 

Can I download photos from my Camera to My iPad?

This is a general question. There is no USB port here so you will need to buy an adapter. Once you have that, you will have no issue downloading pictures from your camera. It will only take a few minutes. 

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