How to make your kids tablet use productive

How do you choose between the best tablet kids?

It won’t matter if you don’t introduce healthy practices around the house and stop your kids from becoming addicted to technology. You need to put in place some restrictions to make your kid’s screen time healthy and productive.

Implement Restrictions

It’s crucial you put some restrictions about how much time your children are allowed to spend on tables. Following, we are giving you the ideal amount of time to be spent on these computers:

Babies – 18 months: Use only for video chat

18- 24 months: Quality programming for you and your toddler to view (30 minutes a day at most)

2-5 years: An hour a day at most, try to participate

6 Years and More: Mind what media and what type of media they consume, don’t let them post anything on social media. It’s best to keep them away from it, but if they have to use it, you should participate with them.

You should limit screen time as much as possible. There should be a no screen time rule when you are eating. Better yet, use screen time as a record if your kid completes chores, does his homework, or achieves good grades in school. Set these rules before finding the best tablet kids.

Opt for Creative and Educational Use

Instead of discouraging your child from using this technology, it would be a lot better of you to promote positive use. There are four main uses of tablets:

Passive: Like watching videos, reading or listening to music

Interactive: Playing video games or surfing the internet

Communication: Social media, chatting, and video chat

Content Creation: Using the device to create digital art, music, or to do programming

It would be a lot better if you encourage your kid to become a creator instead of becoming a passive user. It’s an ideal way to make their tablet use productively. Programming, 3D modeling, and digital animation are fun and educational activities that you should encourage.

Participate with them

When looking for best tablet kids, you should look for premium specs because you are going to use this device with them. You should view content with them and communicate during this time as this lets you explain to them what they are seeing and how it’s related to the world around them.

It’s a great way to spend some time with your kid as your child gets older, it will be fun and benefit both of you to share screen time and do stuff together.

See How Your Kids Behave

You should pay attention to how your child behaves while and after watching content, playing games, and chatting online. If they engage in age-appropriate and quality media, their behavior will be good, and their activities will be balanced with a good ratio of screen to physical activity.

If you notice spaced-out behavior, temper issues or something else, then you need to make some changes you have to enforce some rules, spending money on best tablet kids won’t help.

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