5 Best App to Hide Photos and Videos on Android

Are you worried about the security of your videos and photosThere is no need to worry because several android apps are available for free. You can download a suitable app from the Google Play Store. See five best apps to hide videos and photos on android.

1. KeepSafe Photo Vault

You can use this android app to hide private videos and pictures. It is a suitable app to protect your media. This app is easy-to-use and secure because you can use pattern, fingerprint authentication options and a PIN. 

This app can be a suitable choice to protect personal IDs, videos and photos. Users of KeepSafe can back up their data on private cloud space. 

2. Video Locker

For videos, it is a virtual locker. With this free app, you can secure your videos to a secret location. A hidden media is encrypted with the use of 128 AES advanced encryption. It ensures total protection because video can’t be located if an intruder steals an SD card. 

Things will be locked in an unknown location of your phone. You can optimize a video locker for tablet PCs. With its excellent user interface, you can easily protect your videos. 

3. Hide Something

It allows you to hide your important files from inquisitive users through a password, fingerprint sensor or PIN. The procedure of transferring new videos and photos to an invisible folder will be simple. 

Download and install it on your android device to hide your videos and files. You may get access to beautiful themes; media file types, image viewer and a login mode to protect your privacy.

4. Private Zone

This app is useful to guard your private videos, apps and photos. For privacy-obsessed people, this app has numerous unique features. You can get the advantage of a VPN service, custom lock screen app, anti-theft features, boost (RAM Manager), privacy controls, spam call and harassment intercept.  

Private Zone has several cool features to increase your peace of mind. Ads in this app can increase the frustration of users. It is packed with privacy-focused features. 

5. Gallery Vault (Hide Videos and Pictures)

With this popular video and photo hiding apps, you can quickly hide your videos, photos and other files. It can encrypt your files and private media in a secure place. This vault has a simple and elegant interface. You can get the advantage of fake login, break-in alerts, stealth mode, authentication and other features.

Feel free to hide essential files in an SD card. Moreover, protect your videos and photos in a secret vault. You will get support for GIF playback, a video editor and private browsing.

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