4 Apps to Check If Your Apple Device Is Not Functioning!

Heard some bad news about your apple device and want the shift to android? Well if you are looking for an affordable device then you are totally in the right place and at the right. We will also let you know about the different apps that you can use to check and cater any problems in your apple devices.  So the Samsung galaxy tab 1 and the Kindle fire are the best choices if you want to get used and cheap tablets for sale plus you can get good deals on Amazon.

If you are fond of apple devices, then you will surely need this application to know whether your phone is functioning properly or not! Here is the list of the top four applications that you can use with your Apple device so that you can get the proper functioning details in a blink of an eye!

Test and Check for iPhone Apps

This is one of the most popular applications that you can download from the app store of IOS. The application has many features that will help you regulate your phone’s performance on a regular basis. here is the list of the following tests you can make on your device with the help of this application!

  • The first test that you can perform is known as the screen test in which you can easily get the details of the performance of brightness, color, touch screen and the pinch test.
  • The next test you can make with the test is the sensor test, and this ensures that all the sensors on your working in their best condition. 
  • The multimedia test is the next in our list, and you can do it to check the camera, the sound and the video functions of your phone!

apple deviceSensor Kinetics!

This is yet another application by IOS that helps you keep track of the performance of the sensors of your phone in the specification. The application is just focused on the smooth running test of your sensors. This is a great tool to check the real-time sensor data and the working on your device!

System Activity Monitor!

This is another popular tool that can be downloaded by the apple’s app store and secondly this app is the only performance checking application that you can use to check the overall performance of your phone. This app is known as the all in one application. You can get all the information about the performance of the phone regarding the hardware, software operating system, memory, network interface, storage and battery of your phone!

Phone Check Utility!

This is also a famous tool that works with both IOS and android devices. You can easily use this application to check the utilization of all the important tools on your phone. If you want to check that your device is working fine, then you should use this app.

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