5 Local Stores That Buy Used Cell Phones

If you are unable to buy a new cell phone, a used smartphone can be an attractive choice. Numerous local stores are available to buy used cell phones. See the details of 5 local stores that buy used cell phones.

1. Gazelle

Gazelle is a leading place to purchase old cell phones. They are buying individual android tablet wholesale price. and bulk phones. You can use their user-friendly platform. Gazelle deals in different types of electronics, such as tablets, laptops and cell phones. 

With their assistance, cleaning up a gadget space can be easy. Feel free to get a quote by choosing a device on the website of Gazelle. If you are happy with an offer, send it and pay through check or PayPal. They also offer gift cards of Amazon.

2.     Trade-In Best Buy

With this retailer, you can choose the best used smartphones. If you want to clean up the electronic waste of your house, they are accepting tablets, laptops, smartwatches and video games. Feel free to check their website or visit their store.

By visiting their store, you can conveniently offload an old cell phone. They offer gift cards for your used electronics. It can be a great choice to buy used products as per your needs or sell your current electronics.

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3. Trade-In Amazon

Amazon is a famous place to purchase old smartphones. With a trade-in, you can swap your old electronics and get credit for itYou have to answer some questions about an old cell phone. Before making an offer, Amazon will examine the age and condition of your phone. In numerous cases, you can get free shipping.

4. Wireless Carriers

Several wireless carriers sell refurbished smartphones. These phones can be more expensive as compared to other sites. For instance, Verizon sells a certified preowned S7 Samsung Galaxy for almost $380. You may get this model at $170 on Swappa.

Purchasing from your carrier means your smartphone will work with this carrier. Remember, you will get a warranty for your phone. It will not be a stolen phone; therefore, you can get peace of mind. 

5. GreenBuyback

It is another online place to purchase cell phones in different sizes and shapes. They accept old smartphones and other electronics. Moreover, you can give your broken stuff to them. Check their website, choose a device and get your quote. If you are happy with an offer, you can send old cell phones through free shipping. They send money in almost three days through check or PayPal.

There is no need to worry about warranty and legal issues. You will get a reliable product at an affordable price.

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