How To Use Android Device Manager to find your lost device?

A smartphone or tablet is necessary to increase your mobility. You can carry these devices from one place to another and easily loss them anywhere. Fortunately, new devices are available with built-in features to find a lost device. If you have lost your android devices, you can use an android device manager to find them. 

Android offers dedicated tools for the convenience of its users. Remember, iOS devices are available with “Find My iPhone” app. ADM (android device manager) is available in the Play Store of Google. You will find this app pre-installed in your bulk wholesale android tablets.

Set up an ADM

Make sure to setup an ADM after verifying its existence on your smartphone or tablet. Go to “Settings” on an android device. Click on “Security” under “Services” options and see ADM (android device manager). If you can’t see an ADM, it means it is not available on your device. You have to install it in your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play Store.

After successfully installing an ADM app, you can explore its functions and features of ADM. In this app, you can see a default setting to locate a device remotely. It permits you to disable the remote lock screen.

Android Device Manager

Uses of Remote Track Location for Lost Devices

If you don’t have a desktop computer or laptop and need access to ADM (android device manager), you have to download this app. You can use it on your mobile browser. On a mobile app, sign through “Guest Mode” and “enter details of Google Account”. It will help you to locate the current location of your android device. 

Bypass a Lock Screen

After losing a phone, you can use ADM to manage it. Feel free to use this option to bypass a lock screen and lock an unlocked screen with a new password. Add a custom phone number or message on your lock screen.

If you want to bypass a lock screen, select “Set up a lock and Erase” option. On a few phones, these options can split a separate option to lock or erase a screen. 

It will help you to decrease access to intruders into emails, contact lists, messaging apps, photo gallery and other information. Feel free to add a recovery message. This message can direct a person to stumble upon a phone. You can become constructive with this message to get your device back.

Owner of the phone can give an alternative number. You can see a button on the lock screen. Tap on the button to authorize your phone for calling you. After remotely ringing your device, it will be easy for you to search a lost device.  

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