How to Unblock a Phone Number on Android?

Modern smartphones and tablets allow you to block an annoying person. This feature is even available in some old phones. You can also search a folder for blocked or spammed numbers. Sometimes, you may block the number of your friend out of fear or your doubts.

In this situation, you must not worry because you can remove this number to get text messages and calls again. See these easy steps.

  • Remember, blocked numbers are stored in an android phone app. You have to search or tap for phone and open this category.
  • After opening your phone, tap on a menu button on the right corner and click Settings. The menu looks similar to three stacked dots. You must not tap a menu on the contact card. You may see this option at the top right corner of your smartphone. 
  • From the settings menu of your phone, you have to locate and click on “blocked numbers” from available options. See the list of blocked numbers and trace a number that you want to unblock. Click on “X” toward the right.
  • A pop-up screen will appear to confirm if you really want to unblock this number by clicking “UNBLOCK”. If you have selected a wrong number, feel free to click on “Cancel” instead.

Unblock Numbers on HTC

Open phone dialer of HTC and check the icon on your home screen. Click on a three-dot menu and see the list of blocked numbers. Click and hold a number that you want to unblock. It allows you to see an expanded menu. Click on “unblock contacts” and see a confirmation message. You can see unblocked contacts. An HTC user  can check available options.

Android TabletsBlock Spam and Robocalls

If you are tired of the spam calls and robocalls, feel free to use built-in features of android phones and iPhones. Number third-party apps are available to block these calls. For instance, YouMail Voicemail and Spam Block, Truecaller, RoboKiller, Hiya Caller ID & Block, Nomorobo, etc.

Feel free to register your phone number with Don’t Call Registry of FTC. If a person uses a SIM card in this tablet, he/she should consider this option.

Block Numbers on iPhones

Robocallers can use thousands of numbers. They can use similar prefixes of your phone number to cheat you. Feel free to block these numbers on iPhone by tapping on “Block this caller – Block Contact”. This number is blocked now.

You can use “silent unknown callers” feature in the latest operating system of Apple iOS 13. It is a drastic measure to avoid spam calls. With this feature, it is possible to automatically silent calls

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