5 Best Android Tablets with Keyboard

For maximum flexibility, you can buy a device with detachable keyboards. The market has numerous 2-in-1 devices suitable for professionals. If you want to buy android tablet rental with a keyboard, you have to consider your budget. Feel free to check budget-friendly options. You can find numerous versatile tablets with a keyboard. See the 5 best android tablets with a keyboard.

1. Microsoft Surface Go

It is a reliable tablet with detachable keyboard for great performance. You can get the advantage of 8GB of RAM, Intel Graphics HD 615, and Intel Pentium 4415Y Gold CPU. With this affordable tablet, you can manage your tasks easily. 

This slate has a 10-inch display, laudable performance levels and top-quality keyboards. It allows you to play Minecraft nicely. In terms of portability and power, this tablet can be a great choice. 

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 Tab with Keyboard

Tablet S4 is the best android slate with keyboards. It features DeX mode cover keyboard to increase your productivity. The cover keyboard is designed to manage workflow. Placement of keyboard is sensible and offers better stroke and pitch.

With a 10.5-inch AMOLED display, it can be an ideal choice for you. This tablet has numerous user-friendly features. You will find it suitable for travel and work-related activities. Feel free to watch movies and videos. An S pen is available to maximize your desktop experience. 

3. Lenovo Yoga Book

This Yoga Book is a 2-in-1 thinnest tablet for students and professionals. Yoga book is famous for its proficiency, productivity and portability. Unlike other tablets, you will get a Halo keyboard. With its Halo keyboard, you can conveniently manage your typing tasks.

With 64GB internal hard drive and almost 4GB of RAM, you can get the advantage of high-performance. It features 12 hours of battery life. Feel free to use it as a digital sketchpad, regular tablet and a productive notebook.

4. Huawei MediaPad Pro M5

MediaPad M5 Huawei Pro is a durable choice for its beautiful, elegant and simple design. It features a 2.5D glass curved-edge and 2560 x 1600 high-res, 10.8-inch display. 

With screen-to-body ratio, it is perfect for watching movies and videos. You can maximize the capacity of this phone. Use it for digital sketching with M-Pen and official keyboard. You have to purchase this keyboard separately.

5. Lenovo Miix 630

With snapdragon 835, you can use this best tablet. Feel free to convert it into a tablet with the help of a keyboard. Get the advantage of its fantastic battery life. You will get sufficient power, such as 20 hours of battery life. 

It features a 12.3-inch display and a detachable keyboard. Feel free to use its stylus to increase your productivity. Use it to take your productivity to a new level.

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