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How iOS 13’s new features help you in becoming the master of emailing?

A device with iOS 13 can be the best choice for emailing. It has numerous new features that allow you to become the master of emailing. See these fantastic tools and features to manage email. Quick Actions The iOS 13 allows you to get more options by long-pressing on email IDs from a list view. Swipe up to check all available options. You can see a message, move, and notify me, mark, forward and reply. Moreover, it is possible to replay [...]

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Apple vs. Apple-What is best, iPad Air or iPad Pro?

Are you confused about the decision between the iPad Air tablet and the iPad Pro? Welcome to the club. To beat the android google tablet 9 inch, Mac tossed clients somewhat of a curveball when it showed up its 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch rendition. Pass to the smaller Pro, the iPad lineup got isolated into classifications dependent on the size of the iPad, compared to the 7.9-inch iPad assigned as “Smaller than expected”, the 9.7-inch re-marked as [...]

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