How iOS 13’s new features help you in becoming the master of emailing?

A device with iOS 13 can be the best choice for emailing. It has numerous new features that allow you to become the master of emailing. See these fantastic tools and features to manage email.

Quick Actions

The iOS 13 allows you to get more options by long-pressing on email IDs from a list view. Swipe up to check all available options. You can see a message, move, and notify me, mark, forward and reply. Moreover, it is possible to replay all, trash and mute message. These actions are not available in the 9 inch android tabletIf you need extra quick responses after swiping on a list of email, tap the (•••) icon.

Revamped Reply Menu

Once you go in an email, you can notice a toolbar at the base with two icons Archive/Delete and Reply. Numerous symbols are moved, such as compose, message, move and flag. You can access these options by tapping on the reply button and bring up an extended menu. Swipe up on this list to view all options. It allows you to reply all, reply, archive/trash, forward, mark as unread, flag, move message, mute, move to junk, print, notify me, etc.

android Google tablet 9 inchPick Different Flag Colors

Reply menu has numerous marker flags to pick from after flagging an email. An email can be found in various flagged labels. A subfolder will be available in the future for different colors. 

Attachment Toolbar and New Formatting 

The new toolbar is available in different applications. It proves useful in emailing. Feel free to access this toolbar easily from the body of your email. Click on chevron (angle bracket) on the predictive text bar over the keyboard.

It allows you to add text rich formatting, attach a video or phone from camera, attach videos and photos, attach files from files app, add drawings, and scan documents. These features can make your emailing easy. 

Ironic Text Formatting

A new toolbar comes with rich text formatting option. This option allows you to stylize and format your text. These options were available in the contextual menu. For this reason, people were unable to use this option.

From a formatting bar, you can click on “Aa” icon on the left. Different options are available to style your words, such as strikethrough, underline, italicize and bold text. Feel free to change their default font, color and size.

Make Text Fancy

With android Google tablet 9 inchit is possible to change default text formatting stings. You can do the same with iOS by checking “Default Font”. It is easy to change default font and replace it with one of the 80 options. Some famous choices are Times New Roman, Futura, Courier, Helvetica, etc. You can change the font and make it bigger or smaller.

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