What Should Be Considered During RAM Memory Upgrade?

Want a RAM upgrade for your 10 inch tablets?You have to consider the essential things before this upgrade. A RAM (random access memory) may be referred to memory. With this short-term memory on your computer, you can keep things function. RAM data may be recalled without any access to a hard drive. For this reason, your system needs the right amount of RAM. It directly relates to your performance. 

If you want to upgrade the RAM of your computer, you can do this without diving in the science of computer memory. With the help of RAM, computers will run smoothly and faster. You can’t do multitasking without sufficient computer memory.

RAM Upgrades 

If you want to increase the performance of your 10 inch tabletsyou can think about RAM upgrades. Decrease in performance during a particular time may hint you to upgrade your RAM. With the task manager, it will be easy for you to check if you are overtaxing an available RAM.

For this reason, press ALT+CTL+DEL and open a task manager. Tap on the performance tab and see physical memory gauges for your RAM usage. If the available memory is lower than 25% of the total memory, your RAM upgrade is necessary. After this upgrade, you will be able to notice a tangible boost in the performance of your PC Computer.

10 inch tabletsPick the Right RAM Upgrades for Your PC

Desktop memory and laptop memory are different. Remember, these things are not interchangeable for the 10 inch tablets. In the first step, you have to pick the right RAM for your computer. 

Keep it in mind that your operating system and motherboard can affect the type of RAM. Your operating system may affect the performance of RAM. The maximum limit for RAM can be 4 GB in a 32-bit Windows 7. See the limits for other editions of Windows:

  • 8 GB for Windows 7 Basic Home
  • 16 GB for Home Premium Windows 7
  • 192 GB for Windows 7 Professional
  • 192 GB for enterprise
  • 192 GB for ultimate

If you have windows 8, you can RAM for your 10 inch tabletsfrom 4 GB to 512 GB. The motherboard of your computer may help you to determine the capacity of RAM. It may have a specific limit for DIMM slots (dual in-line memory modules). Feel free to consult your motherboard manual or computer to find this information.

Common Variants of RAM for PCs


 Dual data rate synchronous random-access dynamic memory is available in computers designed after 2003.


 Dual data-rate three synchronous types of dynamic random-access memory is available in computers designed after 2007.


Dual data-rate 4th generation synchronous random-access dynamic memory is the newest generation of RAM in the latest computers.

Before buying a RAM, you have to consider its speed MHz. For benchmarking performance, you have to understand the difference between 1333 MHz and 1866 MHz. Speed is an essential consideration for the workstations of a server to handle large loads in the 10 inch android tablets. 

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