Things to do With your Brand new Phone

Once you buy a newyou are ready to use it for a different purpose. Before transferring your data to a brand new phone, you have to do these things.

Create a PIN or Lock Password

Remember, your phone can easily fall in the wrong hands; therefore, protect it with a password. Create a strong PIN or password for your phone. It is necessary for the protection of valuable data. You must not create a simple password, such as your date of birth or 123456. 

Your password must be a combination of letters, numbers and signs. A strong password is essential for any new deviceWith a fingerprint scanner on your phone, you will be able to increase its security.

Update Your Phone

Each operating system releases updates frequently to fix flaws and bugs. Moreover, these updates can launch new features. You have to update your phone after purchasing it. Manually update your phone by going to settings and choose general. To install updates, you have to follow on-screen instructions.

If you have a backup stored on online storage or an external drive, it is time to save your data on a new phone through this backup. To backup information of a phone, go to “Settings – Backup and Reset”

Protect Your Smartphone

Your smartphone may cost hundreds of dollars; therefore, you have to protect it. Keep it secure to apply a protective case and a screen protector. These elements can protect your phone from knocks and bumps. It is important to get a gorilla glass protector.

Enable Voice Controls

Nowadays, smartphones come with voice assistants, including Cortana and Siri. This voice assistant will help you to set a timer, alarm and other things. Moreover, Google voice assistant is also available on android devices. You can activate these voice assistants from the settings menu.

A secure lock screen will help you to prevent unauthorized use of your smartphone. Set up a recovery procedure for your device through “Find My Phone”. Screen protection and other protection accessories can protect your phone from damages.

Connect Email Accounts

To activate your App store or Play store, you will need an email account. Connect email accounts to your smartphone to easily communicate with clients. The phone setup instructions may vary based on the operating system. 

Download Essential Apps

If you want to increase the efficiency of your smartphone, you will need lots of apps. Each phone comes with a Play Store, App Store or Windows Phone Store. Feel free to download Microsoft office, security apps, and numerous other tools as per your needs.


Understand the data usage of your phone for different things, such as sending emails, play videos, stream music and browse the web. After evaluating your use, it will be easy for you to buy a suitable data plan for your tablet wholesale lot.

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