iOS vs. Android – Which one is good for you

When it comes to the operating system, then the android is the best one for tablets. One of the reasons behind this is that you can often get android tablets for sale at online sites. OS is one of the most important parts of the gadget, for smartphones, tablets, and computers. The type of features and specification your tablet has totally depended upon the type of operating system installed in it.

Both the operating software has its own advantages and points, but when it comes to the tablets operating system, no operation can beat android. Android operating system has multiple features and is an affordable option. 

iOS is a completely different software, and you might not be able to use most of its functions without the help of an expert such as the iTunes pre-installed on iOS. Anyways, it’s a long debate about which software is best. We provide some points in favor of the android operating system. Keep on reading to learn more about which OS is better for tablets. 

Easy to learn the operating system 

The first requirement when purchasing a tablet is to learn about the operating system. IOS is such a headache for the user. All the features on the iPad, and MacBooks are quite difficult for someone to understand. Whereas the android is so simple and easy, you can learn how to use the android tablet and its features in just few minutes. The android software is easy to use and offers a variety of options and features to the users. It is always recommended to the reader to look for the android tablets sale and buy one immediately. 

Limited options for Microsoft apps

If you buy an iOS tablet, you would not be able to use it for your office work or your school assignments because this operating system has zero options for Microsoft related work. It does not consist of any preinstalled Microsoft apps while with android software, all the apps related to Microsoft such as Microsoft word, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, etc. are preinstalled in the tablets. This is why android tablets are considered to be the best for the workplace and personal use. You can get the cheap android tablets for sale at online sites such as amazon etc. you can utilize the offer and can make your working experience better with the android operating system. 

Pocket-friendly operating system 

We all know that tablets are replacing laptops at a great speed. Not everyone can afford iOS ipads, and when it comes to providing the tablets to each of the employees then no other option is better than android tablet. For people in business who are looking for tablets for their workplace use, the android js an amazing option and can increase their productivity.

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