How to Use a Mouse with a Tablet?

How do you connect a mouse with a tablet you bought from the 10 cheapest tablets list? The affordable price tag doesn’t have anything to do with compatibility with a mouse or keyboard; it’s mostly an OS and software issue. With that said, following we are giving a quick guide on how to connect a mouse and use it with your tablet. 


If you bought one of the 10 cheapest tablets and you want to connect a mouse with it, the good news is you can do it. The bad news is it’s a bit complicated of a procedure so you might want to pay attention to the steps. In most cases, when you attach a mouse to a tablet, the pointer appears automatically. If it happens, this means you can use the mouse with apps which on the tablet, but you can also work on them remotely when you run application.

You should use a Bluetooth, wireless, mouse with your tablet. Yes you can use a wired mouse, USB, but it’s better to use a wireless one. It’s easy to connect and doesn’t complicate your use. In case you are having an issue connecting your mouse, we recommend you use a third-party docking app to help you in that case.10 cheapest tablets


You can use a keyboard, even if you bought a device on the 10 cheapest tablets list. You can connect a keyboard and use it with a tablet just like you do with computer. However, we highly recommend you use a computer keyboards that is adapted for the tablet or its OS. If you use a general keyboard, you will have to deal with many issues. 

Again, you should use a Bluetooth keyboard. This way, you won’t have any issues connecting the keyboard with your tablet. You can still use a wired keyboard, but you need to make sure the wire has a USB connection. 

Connect your keyboard by either of these possible means and see if it works or not. If there is some software issue or the keyboard isn’t compatible with your device, then you can use a third-party solution. Download a docking app to make sure your tablet supports the keyboard. 

Docking Station

Apart from a mouse and keyboard, you can also connect a docking station and use it with your tablet.  The docking station helps to keep the display of tablet in proper condition. Don’t worry; you can still connect a docking station to your tablet even if you bought it from the 10 cheapest tablets list.  The docking station offers you support of several USB ports. 

This helps you to connect both the keyboard and a mouse with the tablet. The USB ports featured in docking station are normal, they are not Micro-USB. If it uses Micro-USB, then you will be unable to connect it or to work on anything.

Use Software

If you bought the device from 10 cheapest tablets list, and the keyboard or mouse is not supported, then you can try and download software to make it compatible. There are several third-party solutions available. You should check them before jumping to any conclusions.

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