How To Fix Fingerprint Scanner Issues In Android Tablet

Many of us who buy android tablet online go through the issue that after some time, the tablet fingerprint scanner starts making some issues for the owner. As all the android tablets are installed with the fingerprint scanner that let you use this device easily.

This feature is basically installed to let you have some privacy when opening your device, but there are situations when the fingerprint scanner will stop working because of certain issues. Some of the common issues with the tablet fingerprint scanner are mentioned below, and their solutions to fix those issues are also mentioned for the readers.

The device doesn’t identify your fingerprint

This is the most common issue most of the user’s face who buy Android tablets online. This can be due to many different reasons, but you need not worry because every problem comes with its solution. You can resolve this issue in minutes.

All you have to do is to unlock your tablet by providing it the password that you have on your tablet other than the fingerprint. Your phone will be unlocked, and you can use this way to unlock your device. But if you cannot remember your tablet’s password, then there are other solutions mentioned below regarding other issues.

Unlock your tablet by using your Gmail account

If the situation arises that your Android tablet doesn’t identify your thumbprint and you find yourself in trouble, you need not worry about it. This issue mostly arises for those people who buy Android tablets online. You can try to unlock your tablet with the help of the google account. Yes! You read it right. It is possible to recover your phone with the help of your account. However, if you want to use this feature, it is important that you remember the google account that you’ve added to your device when you started using it.

Android Tablets onlineWhen you enter the wrong password five times, your tablet will pop up an option for you to unlock your phone by using your Google account. There you will enter your google account username and your password and then click on the sign in option. Your tablet will be unlocked, and instead of asking for the thumbprint, your tablet will have a swipe to unlock the screen.

Open your tablet by factory resetting

Most of the users who buy android tablet online come up with this issue the most because online things are not always reliable. If you face such a problem, you can resolve it through various methods among which one is factory resetting your phone.  Before using this method, you need to put your tablet on recovery mode before resetting it because if you don’t do this, all your data in the device will be removed. To start this fixing technique, the first step you need to do is to power off your tablet.

The next step you will do is that you need to press and hold the volume up, home button, and power button at the same time. You need to press the three buttons until the android logo appears on the screen. Soon after the tablet starts, you can set a new Gmail account for your tablet and set the fingerprint again on your device.

The thumbprint scanner issue is the main issue which has many people  avoiding to buy android tablet online because most of the products at online sites are not always reliable.

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