Fix Microphone Problem on Android Phones

Are you facing microphone issues on your deviceThere is no need to worry because these problems are common on cheap bulk ipads and tablets. These issues can be annoying; therefore, you have to fix them. Fortunately, it is easy to fix these issues at home. You can make some tweaks on the settings of your mic. See these fixes.

Quick Restart

In numerous cases, your phone will be tired and stop working. For this reason, you have to give a quick break to your smartphone. Turn off a smartphone for almost 30 settings and turn it on again. It will help you refresh the hardware of your device. Check your phone if a problem is solved.

cheap tablets wholesaleClean a Microphone

Use a pin to clean your microphone. Remember, your smartphone accumulates dust and dirt with consistent use. For this reason, you have to clean it. Cell phones can collect debris and dust. Sometimes, fabric pieces may get stuck in your microphone.

This problem is common because you are carrying your smartphone in your pocket. A pin will help you to remove debris and dust from USB connector and mic. A thin needle or a small pin may help you to remove dirt inside.

Disable Sound Suppression

A new android smartphone comes with numerous cool features. The noise reduction or noise suppression is an important feature. You can use this feature to decrease background noise. Sometimes, it can create an issue with your microphone.

For this reason, go to settings and pick call settings. Check for noise reduction options and disable them. Immediately give a quick restart to your smartphone. It may solve problems with your microphone.

Third-Party Apps

A few evil apps can decrease the performance of your mobile. These apps can interfere with the anomalies of your phone. Make sure to remove third-party applications from your smartphone. Run a smartphone in safe mode and temporarily disable all apps.

It is time to make a test call and use a recorder to check your microphone. If things are working fine, then one of your apps is the culprit. Backup your smartphone to secure essential data and try a factory reset.

One Microphone Only

Sometimes, your smartphone connected to Bluetooth devices. These devices can interfere with the built-in mic of your phone. Make sure to disconnect your smartphone from all other devices. A quick restart may help you to solve this problem.

Bixby Voice Force Stop

Users of Samsung Galaxy S9 may experience this problem. The main culprit can be the Bixby Voice. Open Settings of your phone and tap a few apps. Choose Bixby Voice and Force Stop. It can solve your problem.

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