Best Dual Operating System Tablets

Thinking of buying two tablets so you can have two different operating systems? You must be fooling yourself! This is 2019! Almost every tablet company has reached across brands to collaborate with others to create operating systems that provide a user-friendly experience to different customers with different comfort levels. If you want to buy the best Android Tablet with a Windows or IOS system than you are in the right place, we will help you make the right choice so that you can have it both ways in the same gadget. Best of all? You don’t have to spend extra money on a second device.

MacBooks Leads the Way in Dual Operating Systems

In the past few years, we saw Apple’s MacBooks started coming with two different operating system options. One was the standard iOS system used by Apple and the second was a Windows option of Microsoft Company. This was done to help customers who were loyal to Apple but were enjoyed or were used to using Windows systems in Laptops. Then this feature soon started coming in Android and other tablets on the market, now it’s an important must-have tablets

Tablets with Dual Operating Systems

So now for the list of the best android tablets sharing two operating systems that fits into your budget and matches your choice of features. Before getting on to our list we’ve got tell you that you can snag good deals on these tablets and get different add-ons if you buy them from Amazon or eBay! Now let’s get going with that list.

The first on our list is the iPad Air that uses Windows as its default operating system, but it also runs the Android OS from Google! You can simply switch from Windows to Android or vice versa from the system settings in the Tablet. It is one of the most powerful tablets on the market.

The second tablet for us is the Samsung Tab 3, already comes with the Android OS as its default but it has a second option which allows you to use Windows or Symbian as a second operating system option. 

 The third and fourth on our list have a very tight competition in their location on this list. One is the Lenovo Tablet and the second is the Fire HD. The Lenovo has a weaker processor than the others mentioned in our list but is cheap and popular with people around the world. It comes with both windows and android operating systems, and so does the Fire HD. However, the HD is a little better than the other lower price tablets available in the market.

Now you can choose from any of these options for best tablets in the market running a multi-operating system according to your own budgets and function needs.

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