Best Apps for Data Center Technicians for iPad and Android Tablets

The iPad in your hand is not just a fancy gadget for entertainment; it’s more than that. If you are a professional, this tablet can become the toolkit you need to excel in your field. Don’t forget whether it is the cheapest android tablet or an iPad, it’s a smart device and smart use of this can make miracles happen for you. We are going to discuss how the iPad can help you work as data center technician or run your own data center for your business.

Managing data center is much more than managing servers and networking. It needs professional tools and skills to monitor such a complex thing. It’s an age where data is often more important than wealth, it is vital to manage and secure it. The task is not easy and is not possible with many conventional devices, but you would be surprised what you can do with a tablet.

If you own a tablet, you can get help from the apps we’re talking about. These apps will help you in your job as a data center technician. 


IO.AR is considered the most powerful and popular data center management tool available for a tablet, and most data technicians consider it a must-have app. IO.AR helps in designing, managing and visualizing the infrastructure of your data center. And even better, it has easy drag and drop tool to design and manage data center infrastructure using IO.AR right on your tablet screen.

Best Apps for Data Center Technicians

AD Helpdesk

AD Helpdesk is often installed alongside AD Manager Mobile to make it a complete tool. If you are using Microsoft Windows Servers in your data center, then Ad Helpdesk and AD Manager Mobile will help you with managing directory structure of your Microsoft Based Data Server. These two apps give you advanced controls like blocking and unblocking, viewing and modifying passwords and security codes, managing user groups and categories.

Server Admin Remote

This is the handy app to install on your iPad if you are working as a technician in a data center where the server is using Mac OS X. This app may look simple, but for a data technician, it’s a invaluable. It offers basic and advanced tools to remotely monitor and manage Mac Servers from your iPad screen. You can also get this app on a android tablet using VMWare.

RBL Status

If your data center is also an annex to your mail servers, then you must have RBL Status installed on your iPad. It will help you in monitoring the flow of emails from multiple domains. You can detect spamming activity right from your iPad or Android tablet screen once you have this app installed.

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