Apples iOS or Android – What is Best OS for my Tablet?

Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS are famous in tablet technology. You can conveniently choose cheap tablets for sale under 50Android (Linux-based and open source) is better than PC for its interface and unique features. This operating system is customizable for everyone. Remember, uniform design elements of iOS seem user-friendly.

Make sure to select your tablet systems carefully. Switching from Android to iOS may depend on your needs. Both operating systems offer access to the App Store and Google Play. Remember, Android is a popular platform for Tablets and smartphones. iOS is available on Apple devices only. Here is a quick comparison between both operating systems.

Touch Interfaces

The  tablets for sale under 50 may include Android or iOS. Both operating systems use touch interfaces for tapping, swiping, and zooming. You will get access to a home screen similar to computer desktops. The iOS home screen may contain rows of icons. With Android, you can use widgets. The interface displays updated information, such as email and weather.

The user interface of iOS features a dock. Users can pin their frequently used apps with a dock. Both Android and iOS have a status bar. Through the status bar, you can check battery life, cell signal, WiFi, and time. Moreover, you can get advantage or reminders, messages, and new emails. Remember, tablets for sale under 50feature split-screen, impressive display size, and Google Daydream support.

Apps on Android and iOS

Pre-installed apps, Play Store and App Store can improve your user experience. Android users download apps from Google Play that has over 600,000 apps. Fortunately, all apps are available for tablets. Some Android tablets, such as Kindle Fire come with a different app store. 

Several iOS-only applications are available for Android tablets. You are free to download Pinterest, Instagram, and search giant Google. Exclusive apps are available for you, such as Google Docs and Youtube. Game and app developers develop games for both operating systems. You can consider your needs before selecting an operating system. The tablets for sale under 50may come with both operating systems.

Stability of Operating System and Apps

If you need a stable operating system, choose the Android KitKat over iOS 7.1. Android Gingerbread 2.3 has 1.7% crash rate. The crash rate in other versions, such as KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich is 0.7% 

Moreover, the crash rate of iOS 7.1 is 1.6% along with 2.1% and 2.5%, respectively for iOS 7 and iOS 5. Crash rates may vary for the category of apps, such as games can be crashed at the rate of 4.4%. Remember, the crash rate of e-commerce apps is 0.4%. 

Speed of Tablets

Speed in an iPad and Android tablet may vary. A device with more RAM can open numerous apps at a time. The Android tablets are better than iOS in terms of hardware specs. If you want to buy the best tablet, consider the list of tablets for sale under 50Both tablets allow you to get the advantage of software upgrades.

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