Amazon’s New Tablet Features to Enhance Reading!

New deals on Amazon are coming just around the corner, and you must look forward to them. Amazon has improved its Tablet collection and has enhanced the remarkable tablet view and sales recently after the complaints from its customers’ side. Amazon is the best platform to buy products, and the best part is amazon takes your feedback into account and manages its features accordingly.

Amazon Fire HD

Amazon’s best tablet is the Fire HD tablet and is said to be their best seller. Then there is the Samsung and AT&T tablet by Amazon. All three of them are one of the best tablets and top favorites of customers because of their remarkable tablet view and their unmatchable features. The price of these tablets varies around from 50$ to 200$ depending on the model and features. If you are looking to buy a tablet, you can get good deals on Amazon for sure.

Amazon's New Tablet

Kindle Never Going Away

The Amazon tablet that was famous for reading was the Kindle. The Kindle is yet one of the most amazing creations in the amazon market, and it gained fame in the last decade after the music feature was added in it along with the remarkable tablet view that made the reading easier for readers. You can download over a thousand books in you Amazon kindle, and you can also add music. It’s around 6 inches in size and has a fantastic widescreen that gives a good feel to the reader.

Zoom and Brightness Adjustment

Recently Kindle also got the zoom in and zoom out feature along with a magnifying glass that was not a part of Kindle previously, and readers had issues in reading articles and books over it. As you would know if you are a Kindle user that Kindle used to come with a dull white screen which was the same as a book’s page. It was a bit difficult for especially old readers to read anything on kindle due to this issue and the screen brightness was also comparatively low for a remarkable tablet view. These were some issues in the last models of Kindles.

What Are More Exciting Features?

After having customer feedback and suggestions, Amazon has now provided all of the features that it used to lack before and is coming up with new ones like adding up games and other apps along with the reading portal. The narrator also added in Kindle so you can also listen to books now if you are not fond of reading. But we don’t think reading can be replaced by listening, it has its own beauty and own charm and Kindle has made it more beautiful with Amazon’s new remarkable tablet view. So now you don’t have to worry about the low light and lack of magnifier or zoom in feature.

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