5 Interesting Facts about Tablets

Tablets are widely considered for several uses. Many people are even using tablets for their professional use. It is due to the effective features of tablets which are facilitating in a way everyone enjoys them. 

Getting a 7 inch tablet android 6 is also a very great option to consider. You may think that old android 6 marshmallow will not give good support in the same way after the evolution of newer androids. However, the fact is that android 6 is still supporting its best and working quite productively in tablets and making its features more effective day by day.

Now we will let you know five interesting facts about android tablets you will love.

  • Often Used For Entertainment:

Some of experts stated that tablets would evolve into the office environment. Tablets are actually used for several professions. Most people are using 7 inch tablet android 6 for entertainment purposes. It is a great device for reading the news, watching videos and movies, playing many games, and reading e-books. It is logical because tablets can be used casually like lying in your bed or sitting in your living room. 

  • top cheap android tabletsAverage Life Span Of Tablet Is 4 Years:

From a study, we came to know that tablets have an average life span of just 4 years.  Most people use these tablets for almost 4 years and after they need to get a new tablet pc. As a mini 7 inch tablet android 6 could be having more less life span due to its smaller size. Some of the people do not consider buying a tablet due to this reason. 

  • Multiple People Use Tablets:

Particularly in families, tablets are used by multiple people. We all know that most of the tablets let you have several user accounts, which makes it much more convenient for everyone to use it. Often parent get just one tablet, and that tablet gets used by each sibling. 

  • Desktop Usage Gets Low:

It is an interesting point that the wide use of android tablets is decreasing the use of desktop more than 70%. By the end of 2013, the sales of tablets have increased extensively that it decreased the sales of laptops and desktops worldwide. Almost everyone now considers getting an android tablet instead of sitting at a desk and being stuck with a huge screen.  A 7 inch tablet android 6 widely used, especially for kids. 

  • Best Tool for Graphic Designers:

A 7 inch tablet android 6 could be best for graphic designing, along with the installation of some relevant software. You can get android tablets with pen and some features particularly for photographing and designing. You have to make it more productive by an installing application like Adobe photoshop, Filmic, Canva, and other like apps that are worth to considering. By the use of pen, you can easily edit and add several effects on photos to change their look. You can even create images of your own for many different uses. 

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