5 Calendar Management Apps to Install on Your Tablet

If you are looking for 7” android tablets for sale than you are in the right place, we will help you buy the best 7” android tablets on the market. Now let’s get to our topic of the day! We all need calendars to keep track of our daily life and upcoming events and so much other stuff. People buy tablets as a alternative to both their cellular devices and portable computers. It is essential for you to get the best calendar apps for those devices so that they keep their life in routine and can get track of their schedule.

Most Tablets Comes with Calendar Apps

If you are looking for the best calendar apps, then its important to know what a features your calendar should have to make it something that you’ll use. As you are searching looking around for android tablets you might as well begin to look for good calendar apps too. So let’s move on to the features of good calendar applications.

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The first feature should always be “user-friendly”, there are many calendar apps in the market that are not at all user-friendly, and these types of apps can end up discouraging people from using similar ones. They must feel that they are something you’d use on a regular basis.

Appealing Layout

The second feature, in our opinion, is great graphics and a design that make the app more attractive and with sleek displays and themes. It must have an attractive layout to appeal to even the most bare-boned users.


The third feature must be a lot of customization options. We want our calendar to have a birthday alert option that can remind us of birthdays of our loved ones so you don’t miss them. Then keep track of your work days and holidays and be able to repeat this on a weekly and annual basis. Then it can sync memories with your photo gallery so that you have your photos neatly organized. If you are looking for a new android tablets, than make sure your calendar app has this feature, it can easily be the most important one.

Cross Platform Support

The fourth must-have is the whole calendar be shareable and downloadable on multiple devices so that you can have your calendar on your tablet or phone. I


The best apps include My study, Life, Microsoft Calendar, Google Calendar, and Mozilla Thunder.

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