Tablet Resellers offers a 90 day warranty on all products purchased through our site. In the event that a product may have become faulty or defective in any way it may be submitted to us for a possible replacement unit. All product warranty claims must be sent it and be inspected by our QC team and our in house technicians. We will fix or replace any units with functionality and technological issues dependent on the severity of the defectivity.

Our Tablet Resellers 90 day Manufacturers Guarantee does not cover any defectivities that come from a result of improper care of the customer in the following circumstances:

o Water Damage
o A dropped, smashed or broken product
o Cracked Screen or Glass
o Stolen or Lost Products

If a unit has been sent in for a warranty claim and it does not meet the standards of a dysfunctional product the customer must provide a shipping label to retrieve his sent in product. If a unit meets the dysfunctionality of our warranty standards we will then supply the return label and ship the product back to the customer once it has been fixed or replaced.

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