The iPad is the perfect device to accompany during your travels or daily commute. It is incredibly light making it easy to carry around and use. Besides, an iPad offers more battery life than a laptop, and has more connectivity options that will surely help in your entertainment or productivity needs during travel. If you use a Wi-Fi only iPad during travel, chances are that you may be charged with high data fee.

Even if you are not using the iPad to browse the internet, the apps in your device can run in the background and consume data. This must be avoided especially during travel, as you have to pay double the charges due to various service agreements. Below is how to use your Wi-Fi only iPad during travel.

Use Google Maps Offline

Google Maps is one important tool that you need for your travel. You can incur high data charges when using it on a private Wi-Fi network. However, there is an option available that lets you use Google Maps offline. To use this, you need to search for the area where you are wishing to travel in Google Maps. Then tap on the triple-dot button and select Download Offline Area.

You can pan and zoom in to obtain the maximum level of detail about a particular place. Then tap on the Download button located in the lower right, enter the desired name and select Save. You can view this saved offline maps by tapping on the hamburger button in Google Maps and selecting Offline areas. Then choose from any of your saved maps to use it offline.

Store Movies and Music

If you are traveling by air, most of the aircrafts may not offer Wi-Fi, which can make your iPad useless. Therefore, it is highly important that you download or store your iPad with movies and music before leaving for travel. If you are a paid member, you can download selected TV shows and movies on your iPad for free from popular streaming services like Amazon Video, YouTube Red, and Netflix. You can also store any of the movies and TV shows that you have into your iPad for staying entertained on the go.

Switch off Wi-Fi When not in Use

The battery life is one of the most crucial aspects to look into while traveling with your iPad. Keeping the Wi-Fi on can result in your device to search for Wi-Fi networks continuously thus draining battery life. Therefore, it is better that you turn off the Wi-Fi after usage to conserve battery power. You can quickly turn off Wi-Fi by swiping down from the bottom edge of the display, which will bring up the Control Center on the iPad screen, and from there, you can simply toggle the Wi-Fi switch to turn it off.

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