The introduction of the Galaxy TabPro S at last year’s CES expo demonstrated Samsung’s foray into the area of business tablets and computing. This Windows OS based tablet has ever since become the most successful and advanced tablets released by the company so far. Released as a means of stepping up the completion with other leading brands, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S hosts every aspect that makes it on par with its rival counterparts.

Galaxy TabPro S comes with an assortment of features that has made it the best one suited for productivity applications. Described below are some of the top features of the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.

USB-C Port

The slim design of the Galaxy TabPro has resulted in the elimination of the standard USB port. Instead, the device comes with a USB-C connector, which offers faster transfer of data and the reversible design ensures easy plugging and unplugging of the cable into the port. The separate multi-port adapter made by Samsung includes USB-A and HDMI connectors and provides additional connectivity, which is useful for those requiring standard connections.


The Galaxy TabPro S comes with 4 GB of RAM for handling heavy applications and facilitates better multitasking facilities. The inclusion of 4 gigs of RAM has made the device well suited for handling all kinds of productivity applications like document processing and browsing the web. Furthermore, this increased memory capacity rivals some of the premium business tablets available in the market like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Apple iPad Pro.

5200 mAh Battery Capacity

The 5200 mAh battery of the Galaxy TabPro S provides sufficient backup of 10 hours. This increased battery backup is a great boon for business-oriented productivity applications. Moreover, the presence of USB-C 3.1 port facilitates faster charging.

Windows 10 OS

The Galaxy TabPro S comes preloaded with Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro operating system. The inclusion of Windows 10 Pro OS provides numerous features specifically oriented for business applications. It also offers good user experience with enhanced Touchscreen support that makes for easy navigation.

Intel Skylake Core M Processor

The Galaxy TabPro S is powered by the latest generation of Intel’s Skylark Core M processor that offers superior performance. Besides the exceptional performance offering, the inclusion of this newer processor has resulted in the slim and light body profile of the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S features a 12-inch display with a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels. The AMOLED display technology by Samsung provides superior clarity and brightness.

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