One of the aspects that distinguish a tablet from a phone is in terms of battery life. Smartphones tend to have higher battery life that enables the long-term use of the device. Modern tablet devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 come with advanced features like high-resolution screen and processing power. Operating this would require much higher power consumption, which is the reason why most tablets have shorter battery life.

The only way to prevent this issue is by following some smart practices to maximize the battery life offered by the tablet. Described below are some helpful tips to extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

Power Saving Option

The Galaxy Tab 3 contains a power saving mode just like many other Android tablets. Enabling this option will result in many of the unnecessary features of the tablet like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS to be turned off. Moreover, the power saving mode also limits the CPU usage, lowers the brightness of the screen, and controls several other processes to reduce the battery usage thereby ensuring better power backup. To enable this option in the Galaxy Tab 3, pull down the top menu and select the Power Saving option, identified by the recycling icon.

Display Brightness

The display consumes the majority of the power in a tablet device. High brightness of the display can result in the tablet’s battery to drain much faster. One of the best ways to extend the battery life in the Galaxy Tab 3 is to reduce the brightness levels of the screen. To minimize the brightness of the display, go to Settings and tap on the Display tab. In the settings page, locate the Brightness option and adjust it to the lowest levels.

Screen Timeout

The screen timeout setting is another excellent way to conserve battery life in Galaxy Tab 3. This setting determines the amount of time that the screen remains turned on before it automatically turns off. Most of the tablets usually have a default timeout of 10 minutes, which you can change to about 15 seconds. This switches off the screen quickly thereby minimizing the battery usage.

Smart Screen

The Galaxy Tab 3 tablet also features Samsung’s Smart Stay that enables the display to turn on as long as the user is looking into it. Disable this feature by tapping the Smart Stay checkbox in the Smart Screen settings. This will allow you to program the screen to time out automatically.

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