When you purchase a new iPad, it is highly necessary to set it up the right away. This can greatly increase your experience of using the iPad especially if you are migrating from other Apple devices like iPhone. By altering many of the crucial settings, you can significantly improve the experience of using your affordable tablet and make it more customized to your preferences. Below are some of the crucial settings to configure in your new iPad.

Configuring Today Display

Today provides access to the information from the apps and is located in the iOS notification center. You can configure Today to determine the type of information that you can see as well as their order of appearance. For configuring it, swipe down and then select Today. After it is done, navigate to the button and then tap on the Edit option.

The items that appear on the top are chosen on the Today screen. The items located below are available for you to add to the Today screen. You can add them to the Today screen by tapping on the green plus sign next to them. The order in which they appear can be changed by tapping and holding on three horizontal lines. Then place them in your desired position on the Today screen and tap on Done.

Adding More Fingers in Touch ID

Touch ID is a fingerprint unlocking mechanism that allows you to unlock your iPad in a more secure manner. During the initial setup, you may have only provided one of your fingers for Touch ID recognition. This can become uncomfortable after quite a while since you may want to use other fingers.

However, your iPad can be configured to accept five fingers for Touch ID. To do this, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and enter your numeric passcode. After it is done, tap on the Add A Fingerprint option and follow the onscreen instructions. Repeat the process described above to add more fingerprints in Touch ID.

Adding More Apps to the Dock

The dock on your iPad home screen can be configured to add more apps. This is helpful in quickly accessing the apps right from the home screen instead of going each time to the app drawer.

By default, your iPad dock will contain about six apps. You can change the apps located in the drawer to add in your favorite apps. Tap and hold onto any of the icons that you wish to add and this will cause the other icons to wiggle. Then drag the icon and release it once inside the dock.

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