Samsung’s latest tablet device, the Galaxy Tab S3 comes with some of the best features that make it a mighty competitor to the other tablet brands like iPad and Lenovo. The incredible design coupled with an assortment of useful features has made it the best tablet for both productivity and entertainment purposes. Samsung has also accommodated many features that provide improved accessibility and ease of usage.

In addition, there are many tips for effectively using the tablet to ensure best performance and ease of use. The following are some helpful tips and tricks that can come handy while using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Keyboard shortcuts feature will be of good use to those patrons who have bought the Samsung keyboard with the tablet. There is a hidden keyboard shortcut key in the settings tab. This can be accessed by taping on Settings > General Management > Language and Input > Physical keyboard > Keyboard shortcuts. In the list, the “Super” key is the search button that is placed on the keyboard near the Ctrl key. To view shortcuts of each app, open the app and press the Super button and ‘/’ key on the keyboard simultaneously.

Screen Off Memo

Screen off Memo is one of the most useful features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. This feature allows the user to compile notes with the S Pen without having to unlock the screen. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > Screen off memo. Tap on the switch and slide it to the on position. To jot down notes, hold the S Pen button and tap it on the tablet screen to bring up the memo feature.

Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is a backup and sync service that enables the user to back up the entire data in the tablet to the cloud. It also facilitates synchronizing across different Galaxy devices. For setting up this cloud storage option, go to Settings > Cloud and accounts > Samsung Cloud. Enable the setting by taping on the tab and choose the required items for back up and sync.

Air Command

Air Command allows the user to quickly reorganize, remove and add apps in settings. To enable this feature, activate the Air Command feature by hovering the S Pen above the screen. Now, you may tap on the Settings icon to reorganize the apps.

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