In Android, there exist numerous ways to customize the lock screen of your tablet. It is important that you set up the lock screen appropriately, as it can help you access important widgets and notifications with ease. Besides, a properly configured lock screen is essential in order to prevent any unauthorized entry into your refurbished android tablet. The lock screen can be configured in its wallpaper, locking method, and widgets. Below is how to customize the lock screen on your Android tablet.

Setting up Screen Lock

The screen lock is one important aspect that you need to customize on the lock screen of your tablet. There are different methods that you can utilize to lock your devices such as PIN, swipe, pattern, and password.

To set up the screen lock on your tablet, open the Settings app, and tap on Security under Personal. This will bring up the different screen lock options, from which, you can choose any depending on your preferences and ease of use. While choosing any screen lock method, you need to enter it again as directed by the on-screen instructions to confirm it as the locking option for your tablet.

Adding Widgets

The lock screen is the ideal place for including widgets. Besides, adding widgets to the lock screen can help you obtain the latest information regarding weather or any other important notifications such as email and text messages. If your tablet is running on Android 4.2 or later versions, you can add widgets by simply swiping to the left of the lock screen.

Widgets are available in plentiful in the Play Store, which you can download and install on your tablet. These widgets can help you stay informed regarding any aspects such as weather, news, or emails without needing to unlock the device every time.

Changing Lock Screen Wallpaper

The wallpaper is yet another important feature that you can change on the locks screen of your tablet. By default, the lock screen consists of a wallpaper, but you can change it easily by going into Settings > Display > Wallpaper and then selecting any one of your choices.

You can preview any of the images that are available as custom in your device or downloaded images. This will help you to set the right one on the lock screen that provides an excellent aesthetic appearance to your tablet.

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