In case you are playing music tracks on an iPad, rewinding, fast-forwarding, and accessing other playback options is very easy to do with the Now Playing tab on Control Center. The Control Center on iOS 11 compiles shortcuts to features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Flashlight, Music, etc., making multitasking easier to perform on a compatible iPad. Below explains how to use the Now Playing tab in Control Center of iOS 11.

To access the window, slide up from the bottom of the screen of the iPad tablet. Then, tap and grab a hold of the Now Playing tab. The shortcut residing to the top-right corner of Control Center resembles a play button with playback controls like fast-forward and rewind.

Tap on Now Playing and then you can listen to the now playing track on the iPad with album art, the album name, and info regarding the track, alongside more playback controls. In case you are unsure which app is playing the track you are hearing on the iPad, tap on the Album Art residing to the left side of the shortcut. The music app would open on Control Center.

You can also keep the track moving forward to hear a subsequent note or rewind to hear a note you missed in the Now Playing tab. Tap and hold the forward Time Slider the one to the right fast-forward the track or the one on the left to rewind the track from the Now Playing tab on Control Center. It is the same playback control, which we see on the Music app letting you shuffle tracks alongside. To shuffle tracks, tap on the forward button once and the subsequent track in the playlist will play subsequently.

When it comes to changing the volume in Control Center, tap and slide on the Volume Slider appearing to the center of the screen. The shortcut denoted by a speaker is the Volume Slider having Up or Down playback controls, so choose according to the volume levels you need for the iPad tablet.

You can also AirPlay a track to compatible devices like an Apple TV or a wireless speaker from the Control Center. For that, tap on the AirPlay button on the Now Playing tab, which is denoted by two Wi-Fi bars to the top-right corner of the tab, and choose a compatible device in which you want to listen to the track. Once you listen to the full track on the AirPlay device, tap on the same menu to stop AirPlay from your iPad.

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