The introduction of iOS 10 by Apple has resolved many of the missing features in the previous versions such as the lack of Split View in Safari. The new iOS 10 comes with the ability to enable Split View in the Safari browser, which is an incredibly useful feature, particularly when browsing the internet using an iPad. Users buying new devices from iPad 2 wholesale stores might have already noticed these new changes and improvements in their devices.

The Split View feature enables users to open two windows on the Safari browsers at the same time. This will make multitasking a bit easier using the iPad, especially when using it for web surfing. However, note that the Split View feature is only effective if the iPad is put in the landscape mode. If you were new to this feature, below is how to enable Safari Split View on the iPad.

Enabling Split View in Safari

One of the first things to do before enabling the Split View feature in the Safari browser is to put the iPad in its landscape mode. The Split View feature can be activated by using four different methods. One simple way is when opening a link in the browser, tap and hold in any regions of the window that will open a drop down menu. Select Open in Split View option from the options to enable the Split View feature in the browser.

For moving an already opened tab in Split View, all it requires is simply dragging the tab to the left or right side of the screen. The other way to enable Split View is tapping and holding on the Tab button, which is located at the top-right of the screen. Then select the Open Split View option to make the browser appear in the Split View.

For users who have connected a Bluetooth keyboard into their iPad, pressing the Command + N shortcut together will bring up the Split View option in the Safari browser.

Merging Different Windows

Enabling the Split View will open different windows each with their own address bar that provides the user to open various websites at the same time. The different split windows that are opened in the browser can also be merged together. For this, tap on the Tab button in any of the views and select the Merge All Tabs option.

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